Meet Sara Seror

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4 min readJun 2, 2021

Meet Sara, a founding member of the manual QA team with a passion for travel.

What’s your role at CB4 and what does your day-to-day look like (including your interactions with other teams at CB4)?

I’m a part of CB4’s manual QA and automation team. We are responsible for the product quality (and we do not compromise on quality). My day-to-day is very dynamic and varies a lot. We have client versions to test, server versions to test, and new features that we need to write test scenarios for. Recently I was promoted to be a QA Automation Engineer and started writing automated projects to save us time on manual testing. In order to be a good QA engineer, you need to understand the product inside and out. To do so, I work a lot with the R&D team which is always a lot of fun! I feel very lucky to have colleagues who have become friends!

Can you talk a little bit about the path that led you to CB4?

After almost 6 years working as a flight attendant at Elal, I decided to take a QA course, and shortly after completing the course I joined CB4! For a time, I was the only manual QA engineer in the company. I was responsible for the quality of the product. I was testing the server-side and client-side, approving version expenses, and managing an external QA company that helped us perform the tests. Over time the QA team grew, and we currently have 3 team members. While at CB4, I took a QA automation course and I was promoted to become a QA automation engineer, in addition to QA manual engineer. I have come a long way during my time at CB4. I’ve learned a lot and am still constantly learning!

What’s one new fact/skill/thing you’ve learned while working at CB4?

Our product is currently supported on 6 different platforms. In each client version, the quality of the product should be checked on all six of these platforms. That means I must double by 6 each step in each testing scenario every time. It’s crazy! With time I did acquire the skills to get this done as efficiently as possible. I learned that I could place all the manual devices in front of me and at the same time open the 2 types of browsers that we support and for each step in each testing scenario, test the same step on all platforms together. It has saved me a lot of time and I am happy to pass on this skill to all the other team members.

What are you into doing outside of work?

I really enjoy spending time with my friends and planning where we will go dancing every weekend and which beach we will go to catch some sun. During the week I train in different sports, meet friends in the evening and play volleyball every Wednesday. On my vacations, I like to travel and see different cultures around the world. A good book will always fascinate me, especially if the book is a suspenseful one. I also like to bake, although I do not do it often, because nonetheless, I still have to stay in shape.

Do you think of shopping differently since joining CB4? How?

Yes, absolutely. Every time I’m in the store, when I’m looking for a product and I cannot find it or there is a product that hides another product, I always say to myself, it’s a shame they don’t have CB4!

What makes CB4 a special place to work?

No doubt, the people! At CB4, very quickly your colleagues become your friends. It is not for nothing that we always say ‘the CB4 family’. Everyone is always nice, always smiling, and willing to lend a hand. I really appreciate the atmosphere at CB4, there is a charm that cannot be found anywhere else.



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