Meet Monica Youn

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2 min readAug 9, 2021

This month we get to know Monica, our Director of Customer Insights who is based in London and loves everything coffee and Sephora!

What’s your role at CB4 and what does your day-to-day look like (including your interactions with other teams at CB4)?

I am the director of customer insights! My day-to-day involves liaising with various CB4 teams such as R&D, sales, and marketing to deliver the highest quality insights powered outcomes for our clients.

Can you talk a little bit about the path that led you to CB4?

I worked in analytics consulting for the majority of my career and was looking to experience the startup environment where I was passionate about the product and the people. Then I found CB4 :)

What’s one new fact/skill/thing you’ve learned while working at CB4? (could be about retail or your specific role)

I’ve definitely learned a lot of interesting retail terminologies and more specific details about the pain points our customers are facing in regards to in-store operations.

Of CB4’s company values, which speaks to you most and why?

‘Be Human’ speaks to me the most. Being client-facing as well as interacting with various members of the CB4 team, it is so important to be in an environment where everyone has empathy for each other.

What are you into doing outside of work?

I like to sew and upcycle clothing and am really into anything coffee-related!

Which retailer(s) have earned your loyalty?

Sephora, I have had VIB rouge status for years! I love the way the stores are arranged it is very straight forward broken down by brands. Also, the loyalty program is very enticing!

Do you think of shopping differently since joining CB4? How?

Yes! Whenever I go into a store I’m looking for operational issues! I was not paying as close attention before I started working at CB4 but now I see them everywhere and truly realize the value that CB4 can bring to a retailer.

How has covid changed your work habits or the way you look at your work?

I hated the morning commute to work, but working from home has made me realized the value of having those 30 minutes to yourself in the morning before heading into work with a clear mind. So I try to mimic the same at home, I wake up, make coffee and meditate before diving right into a 9 am meeting. It gives me a better more focused work day.



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