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4 min readJan 25, 2021

In our first-ever edition of CB4 Stories, we get to know a bit more about Senior Talent Acquisition Manager & CB4 Allstar Award Winner Hannah Liberman.

What’s your role at CB4 and what does your day to day look like (including your interactions with other teams at CB4)?

I am CB4’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager. On a day to day basis, my work jumps from recruitment to engagement to more traditional HR functions and back again. I’m the Human Resources catchall for our US and UK offices, working to support each one of our existing employees while finding the best talent on the market to join our growing teams!

Can you talk a little bit about the path that led you to CB4?

I was working in sales for events companies when I decided I needed a change. As a Bay Area native, the tech industry was calling, so when a recruiter introduced me to CB4, I jumped at the opportunity to join as the 5th US hire.

What’s one new fact/skill/thing you’ve learned while working at CB4?

Thieves love jerky. One feature of CB4's app is the ability for store managers to write feedback that our team can then read and improve upon. I will never forget the passion behind one store manager’s absolute rage at the “jerky thieves” plaguing his store. I started asking around and as it turns out, stolen jerky is a huge problem for convenience stores and a favorite pastime of teens. I know it’s a crime, but I find it totally hilarious. Something about categorizing them as “jerky thieves” gets me every time.

Of CB4’s company values, which speaks to you most and why?

Be Human. This past year “being human” took on a whole new meaning. We’re experiencing something new, something hard. Certainties we thought we had, don’t exist anymore and it’s been a trying time personally and professionally, trying to navigate this new “normal”.

Being in HR, I get inundated with emails about mental health and how to manage employee stress. Blog after blog about burnout, anxiety and how will things look in the future? Some are interesting, few are helpful, but they all end the same way. Here’s the secret: Be Human.

Treat people like humans rather than resources. Know that some days are harder than others. Know that people may need a break when they didn’t before. Know they may need a little extra support and understanding.

It’s support I’ve been given at CB4 and the support we extend to all our employees. I believe in where CB4 is heading and I believe we will get there by putting our people first, by simply being human.

What are you into doing outside of work?

Reading, spending time with my sisters, and finding a nice view. When things open back up, you can likely find me sipping a beer outside or returning to my first true love by taking a ballet class.

Which retailer are you obsessed with right now and why?

I’m making this public knowledge in the hopes that we score a demo, all eyes on you Matt Weger, and Krista Mobley. I’m obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch. After their rebrand, it’s a whole new ball game. If you were in the office with me in 2019, I was wearing something from Abercrombie most days. From shirts to coats, to swimwear and pajamas, there is nothing I won’t buy from Abercrombie and it doesn’t hurt that there’s a 60% off sale every week :)

Do you think of shopping differently since joining CB4? How?

Yes! It’s a nightmare. Even though I used to work as a store associate in retail (shoutout to Banana Republic) and understand the challenges first hand, it hurts me to see messed up price tags and unstocked shelves with top products that sell out week over week (@DuaneReade where’s the Neutrogena grapefruit face wash? That should never be out of stock…ever). When I notice issues our product can fix, my patience disappears.

One good jam to work to and one good jam to work out to. Go!

Music tends to distract me while I work, am I emailing or performing? Cue the living room performance…was I born to be a popstar? Yes. But, if I’m not working, it’s probably a combination of Cardi B and Saweetie these days.

What makes CB4 a special place to work?

I love that our leadership team values good thinking regardless of the source. When we were in the process of creating our company values, our CEO Yoni, made sure that one of CB4’s core company values was “Speak Your Mind.” He wants to work with people who aren’t afraid to think critically, challenge the status quo and push back against groupthink. It’s important that if you believe in something you speak up to defend your idea without worrying about being right 100% of the time.

It makes me feel really good to know that when I speak, I am heard and empowered to impact my work environment. This makes CB4 a truly special place to work and I’m happy to call it home.



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